Noncompliance with Renewal Requirements

If the 20 credits cannot be completed in the required time due to extenuating circumstances a CDMM must send a letter (mail, fax or email) to AADMM within 30 days from their expiration date explaining the circumstance which prevents compliance. If AADMM does not receive such letter:

  • AADMM will take their name off the website
  • The CDMM/PDMM will relinquish the right to use the CDMM/PDMM designation

Continued use of the CDMM designation in the event of noncompliance is viewed as unauthorized use by AADMM and AADMM is prepared to take the necessary steps to protect its certification designation.

Any individual who decides to not recertify or who was not approved for an extension must wait six months prior to re-applying for the certification exam, and relinquish the right to use the CDMM designation during the waiting period.

You may only lapse and retest one time during your lifetime.

Submitting for a recertification extension:

  1. Applicant must submit a letter (mail, fax, or email) to AADMM within 30 days from their expiration date explaining the extenuating circumstances which prevents compliance.
  2. Applicant must submit proof of obtaining 12 credits along with Extension Letter to be considered for an extension.

If applicant is approved for an extension that extension will be no longer than one year. After Certification is renewed the certification renewal date will change and be three years from the new date.

If the documentation required to renew certification or a request for an extension is not received within 30 days of expiration date, renewal is no longer an option. The applicant will have to reapply for Certification.

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