Join the American Association of Daily Money Managers

AADMM is the ONLY national organization for daily money managers and provides members with opportunities for national exposure, continuing education, and a forum for sharing best practices within a growing community of professionals committed to excellence.

Member Benefits

Members of AADMM experience community, leadership, and connection. The membership benefits include opportunities to establish a name for yourself within the industry while building relationships with other DMMs at the local and national levels. You’ll receive invaluable educational content to help you better serve your clients, become eligible to pursue certification as a Daily Money Manager, and to purchase professional liability insurance designed for DMMs. Individual and Firm members also gain exposure to potential new clients and referral sources through a personal listing on AADMM’s “Find a DMM” directory feature. See all the benefits of membership.

Membership Levels


Individual members include those who are engaged in the profession of daily money management services, paid or unpaid, and persons with interest but not yet in the practice of daily money management. A background check is required for Individual members.


DMM businesses with more than one employee or owner may purchase multiple memberships at a discounted rate. Membership through this dues structure is available to business owners, partners, or W-2 employees. (Contractors would be considered Individual members). Full range of benefits including searchable listing in Membership Directory, access to member-only content and voting privileges. ONLY ONE MEMBER of the organization would be eligible to serve on the Board of Directors. A background check is required for each employee or owner of the organization.


Affiliate members include those who provide services and products to daily money managers or their clients, and those in affiliated related professions such as case managers, attorneys, or CPAs.


Retired Members include those who are still active in AADMM and the profession but are no longer providing daily money management services to clients. A retired member may be designated “Emeritus” by the board in recognition for outstanding service to the organization and the profession. Retired members shall have one vote on matters of the Association but may not serve in elected office within the Association.

Membership Pricing

Individual Firm (up to
three members)
Affiliate Retired
Full year $295 $445 $345 $140
Prorated* (2nd Quarter) $225 $375 $275 $140
Prorated* (3rd Quarter) $150 $300 $200 $140
Prorated* (4th Quarter
and the following year)
$295 $445 $345 $140

*Prorated rates are available to new members only