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AADMM featured in AARP Magazine

The American Association of Daily Money Managers ( is mentioned as an option for your financial team to avoid the risk cited by Nancy Sween, National Association of Elder Law Attorneys spokesperson

Second Acts To Profit From The Longevity Economy

Forbes – In her earlier life as an insurance broker, Karen Rosenberg Caccavo learned how challenging it can be for people to manage their financial lives. “It was an easy transition from business consulting to daily money management — still working with people one-on-one, but I see a greater need for this service. I am using my skills and giving back.”

Don’t Just Spend Less — Spend Smarter

Motley Fool – There are also people called “daily money managers,” and they will set you up on Mint or Quicken or anything like that if you don’t know how to do it. They will analyze your budget. They will also pay your bills. They will do a lot of the nuts and bolts parts of money management and I don’t think they get enough attention. You can look up the (American) Association of Daily Money Managers.

Do Investors Need a Daily Money Manager?

U .S. News & World Report – For a price, you can find someone to help with anything, and an accountant or bookkeeper might take on money management chores. But these days, many turn to a little-known community of specialists called daily money managers, represented by 800-member American Association of Daily Money Managers, which has a provider locating tool on its website.

Getting Older Without Family

The CPA Journal – There are companies that can handle bill paying and other routine financial matters for elderly individuals; they may also be able to deal with health care insurance forms. Professionals offering these programs can be found through the American Association of Daily Money Managers.

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